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Have us speak with your parents' group, students, faculty or community group on how to keep people safe or to make the most out of what technology has to offer us.  Reach out to us via our Contact Page and we'll be in touch.


Today’s children are growing up in a world dominated by technology and peer pressure – a potentially violate combination. Today’s parents never experienced this themselves, making it difficult to appreciate the risks.


Topics covered include:

  • Online Privacy

  • Social Media Basics

  • Texting and Chatrooms

  • Catfishing and Online Predators

  • Best Practices


Managing Your Digital Footprint

Admissions officers and employers are routinely looking for an applicant’s digital footprint – the impressions everyone leaves behind online.  This is especially true for the more competitive schools and jobs.  What they find or don’t find can have a major impact on your future.


Topics covered include:

  • What is a Digital Footprint?

  • Giving them someone (good) to find

  • Damage control for when things go wrong

  • Best Practices

Building Influence Online

Technology has created an amazing opportunity for people to give everyone a world stage.  You can play on small stages or be the headliner and the “Copa” – the choice is yours.


Topics covered include:

  • Creating your Own Website

  • Choosing the Right Stage

  • Social Media Groups

  • How Interviews Help You

Standing Up to Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying targets everyone, adults and children.  The effects can range from mildly annoying to devastating.  Here’s what you need to know to prevent it and cope with it if it happens to someone you know.

Topics covered include:

  • Avoiding it in the First Place

  • Shutting down the Bullies with Positive Slamming

  • Making Your Case to Parents, School Officials and the Authorities


Social Grand Parenting

If parents have it tough in today’s hi-tech world, what does that mean for today’s grandparents?  This presentation walks the less experienced through the online world, using examples that everyone will understand.


Topics covered include:

  • Social Media Basics

  • Privacy Settings

  • Digital Kidnapping

  • Best Practices



Chatrooms and Texting

A study by Drexel University showed that over 50% of teens reported sending sexually themed texts, with most of those including images with the texts.  This could cause problems with law enforcement, online predators and more that will cause problems for years to come.

Topics covered include:

  • Texting, Sexting and the Law

  • Acronyms and Emojis

  • Predators and how to Avoid Them

  • Best Practices

Performing Online Research like a Pro!

The amount of online resources available for doing homework is staggering.  The problem is that it also opens the door for using unreliable sources.  There are plenty of sites to help students, but using them can require knowing how to use them efficiently.


Topics covered include:

  • Traditional Search Engines

  • Research Quality Search Engines

  • Homework Sites

  • Writing an “A+” Research Paper

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