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After years of helping people protect

themselves online, I founded

Safety Net of PA, LLC to help even more people.


I got involved in this area when our then, five year old daughter came across some inappropriate content online.  It was deliberately placed there to be seen by young children.  As I got more involved in the subject, I realized just how widespread and devastating this can be to anyone, both adults and children.


For the past several years, I have worked with local schools, children's activity groups, etc. by speaking to their members/parents.  I have also written many articles and worked with several authors and reporters to help them with stories on cyberbullying and internet safety.  I am certified by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in bullying prevention.

Finally, I decided to dedicate myself to cyber safety, focusing on helping teenagers and tweens safe from online dangers.  Additionally, Safety Net of PA can show people of all ages how to use technology, including social media, to their advantage.   If you wish to see how Safety Net of PA can help you, use the drop down menu above to see our list of presentations and what we offer you.

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Below is a partial list of the organizations I have worked with on cybersafety issues/

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