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I attribute my success as an educator to my ability to relate to my students, finding a way to get them to see things from a new perspective.


I started "teaching" back in high school, when students in my computer classes would often come to me for help if the teacher was unavailable.  The same thing happened when I was attending community college; I was asked to become a tutor for their computer lab.  It was there that I had my first real experience as a teacher, when one of the faculty asked me to speak to his class on using desktop computers.  Since then, I have kept busy, teaching adults everything from what they need to know when purchasing a computer to learning how to play blackjack and poker.


From 2011-2023, I was an adjunct faculty member at Thomas Jefferson University in their School of Continuing and Professional Studies.  The courses that I taught include:


CSSEM 300 - Professional Practices Seminar

IT 201- Learning and Technology

MGMT 361 - Leadership Theory and Ethical Practice

MKTG 102 - Principles of Marketing

MKTG-307 - Principles Social Media Marketing (this is a class that I developed for the school)

SOC 310 - Social Science of the Workplace


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