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Be the Parent!

One mistake that parents often make when it comes to raising children in today’s modern world is by not acting like the parents that they are. For many parents, their children may be more technically proficient than they are when it comes to using technology. After all, they probably started using computers at a much younger age than their parents. For me, I didn’t get to use a computer until I was 14 and in 10th grade. Today’s kids, however, often start using computers at a very early age – even as early as pre-school.

That may lead to situation where parents may not be comfortable dealing with how their children use technology. They may not even know how to use computers well, much less be familiar with social media sites and how to use them. Unfortunately, it is our responsibility to teach our children how to act appropriately in all things, including social media. When necessary, we should help them. And when things don’t go as they should, we need to discipline our kids.

Back in 2008, Billy Ray Cyrus, father of Miley, announced that he wanted to be his daughter’s best friend. When Ryan Seacrest asked him about keeping his teenage daughter out of trouble, his response was that it’s all about, “having a good heart and loving people and knowing that you're here for a reason.” How’s that working out for you, Bill Ray?

Start by setting rules and boundaries for your kids. Studies suggest that as many as 40% of all kids have been the target of cyberbullying at one time or another. It’s not one mean kid doing it to every other kid on the planet. While I hope that it never happens, realize that your kid may be the aggressor and be prepared to handle the situation if it happens. Your kids will listen to you. Silence is a message all by itself. And it’s the wrong message.

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