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Texting Acronyms are the Least of Parents’ Problems

Pretty much everyone, including parents, use abbreviations when texting. They save time and maybe even some money, depending on your texting plan. For parents that look at what is being said in a text or in a chat room, the acronyms are easy to spot. Some of them are pretty easy to de-code, such as “ASL” (Age, Sex & Location), but others can be far more difficult. I put together a listing of over 300 such texting codes for parents. You can view it by clicking here. When parents see them, they can easily identify them and if they chose, ask what they mean.

What’s far more insidious in my opinion, are the codes that are used in plain sight. They aren’t using acronyms or abbreviations that are easy to spot. Today, teenagers and even tweens, are using everyday words in their messages that will likely go unnoticed by parents. Words as common as pizza, kitten, grilled cheese and even Netflix have sexually implied meanings put to them. When seen at face value, they look meaningless. When the real meaning is known, that’s something else entirely.

Below is a listing of some very common words and phrases that when seen by an adult or anyone else that is not aware of the context in which they are being used, would probably not raise any alarms. That’s the real danger. Warning: There are some very specific and graphic descriptions below.


Bob may be short for Robert, but it can also mean a “Battery Operated Boyfriend.”

Box Another word for a female’s private parts.


A synonym for oral sex.

Grilled Cheese

This has several meanings, all of which are somewhat related. The first, and quite

frankly, the tamest description, is for a woman who has recently had sex. The next is a woman who is so excited sexually that her private parts are like a grilled cheese sandwich. The last definition is used to describe when a man has reached orgasm onto a woman and it is between any two objects.


They may be cute in real life, but parents of teenagers or tweens need to be concerned if they see their kids using this word. It is used as part of the sub-culture of the BDSM lifestyle, where the pet, in this case, a kitten, is submissive to their “owner” or “caregiver.” It does not always end up getting sexual, but frequently does so. Other cute animals can be used, but kittens are the most likely animal chosen.


In what I consider to be an unexpected metaphor, a llama is used to describe a female’s private parts.

Netflix (& chill)

This is used by people in a relationship. It means that one person is coming over to watch a movie on the service, or Amazon, or Hulu, etc., and then have sex with the other person.


Yet another metaphor for sex, it compares eating pizza to having sex in that even bad pizza is good. So when someone says that they want pizza, they may be asking for sex.


You’ve probably heard the saying that you can’t eat just one potato chip. Well, with chat rooms and texting, it means that you’re addicted to something. Again, usually sex or at the very least, to one specific person.


This is not a known word, but it’s not really an acronym, either. It refers to a small or young person, who is innocent. It is often used in roleplaying/cybersex when someone is pretending to be a naïve, innocent child.


This has two meanings; both are acronyms and code words. It means Sorry, I’m Not Gay or Sexually Inappropriate but Not Gay. It refers to a way to turn down a proposition from a person of the same sex or to say that what someone did was inappropriate, but not not trying to suggest that they were gay, such as kissing another person of the same sex.


Another food reference, it means that someone is straight when dry (sober), but gay when wet (drunk).

Spoil Me

Lots of people say that they want to be spoiled and most people say that they will spoil their significant others. However, in chat rooms, it usually means that the person wants financial compensation to provide people with either naked pictures or videos. The currency of chat rooms and texting is usually a gift card from someplace, usually Amazon. I’ve also seen women requesting payment with PlayStation Network gift cards and via PayPal. Assuming that they aren’t just scams (I’ve never taken anyone up on the offers), the images are sent any number of ways:

  • Inserted images using the texting app

  • Skype, ooVoo, Facetime, etc.

  • Dropboxes


Another way of saying that someone is sexually aroused.


Another example of a pet. In this case, the person is looking for someone that will spend a lot of time on their back.


Kids are finding new ways to entertain themselves that can also put them at risk. To make matters worse, they are deliberately hiding their true purposes from their parents in such a way that it appears completely harmless.

As parents, it is up to us to make sure that our kids are kept safe. Get involved in their online activities before it’s too late!

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